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New Blog Announcement

New MATCH Chess Curriculum Blog

We are pleased to announce that our new blog is active.  You can find it here:  The new blog will have much of the same content, but will focus a little more on providing resources for those teaching chess in schools and other educational settings.  Please head on over and join us there.  We look forward to continuing the discussion on the new blog.

We will keep this blog active until we are able to move over some of our most popular content, but after that, we will discontinue this blog.  You can subscribe to receive notification when a new post is published and/or follow us on your favorite social media platform.





Puzzle of the Day ~ April 13, 2016

POD ~ 4/13/2016

MATCH Chess Curriculum Pre-Launch News and Beta Discount

We started our curriculum with the vision of creating a chess curriculum that would take advantage of Chess Grandmaster Maurice Ashley’s dynamic teaching methods and emphasize the aspects of chess thought to improve academic and life skills. We also planned to help spread the benefits of chess to more children by making it easy for even those who do not know how to play to teach it in an engaging way.  Easier said than done. After three years of pilot testing in two large school districts led by more than twenty-five previously non-chess-playing chess teachers (and many, many revisions), we are ready to officially launch our curriculum into the world. We are busy getting ready: our website is being re-designed, our new manuals have been printed, a new video is in process and new supplementary content is being created for our blog.

After all of the blood, sweat and tears, we couldn’t be more excited to see it all coming together.  We were patient when it counted (through all of the testing, revisions and additions), but as bits of the final products hit our desks, our patience is waning thin.  We are ready to share the excitement. So, we decided to offer a


40% off pre-launch/beta discount

for the first 50 people that subscribe before the official launch of our new website. As an added benefit, we will extend the subscription to June 15, 2017 to allow you to have access for a full academic year.

This is roughly $12/month or about 30 cents/student/week/academic year*

As with any beta release, we know that there may be some quirky navigation as we switch over to the new site so a discount seemed like just the thing. Please note that the curriculum itself is fully functional.  We will keep a copy of the subscriber section on the old website until that part of the new site has been completely debugged. Initially, you will log into the old site to use the curriculum. At some point over the next few weeks, you will be given the option to switch over to the new site.  However, you can always switch over to the old site (or just stay there until the transition is complete) if you have any issues with the new site.  

MATCH Chess Curriculum New Website Announcement

What do you have to do to get the discount?

Click here to see the front pages of our new website and learn more. Please note that you will be touring a construction zone.  Some links temporarily go to our old website and blog. These links will be replaced as the new pages are finished.  You can also learn more by purusing our old website here.  The information is good even though the look is dated.

When you are ready to purchase, click here and head over to our temporary store to subscribe and purchase any other materials you would like to have.  Right now, you can navigate to the temporary store from the new website, but once we start to set up ecommerce for there, you will have to come back here to and click the link above to get the discount.

As mentioned, the curriculum itself is fully functional and ready to roll, but automated processing is not. So, if you purchase now, please allow us 24-72 hours for a human to process your order and send you your user credentials, quick start guide, user agreement, and privacy policy.

If you find any issues or edits on the new site, we’d be grateful if you’d drop us a line.  Screenshots, browser and device information are always extra helpful.

A tour of the curriculum, full scope and additional detailed information will be up on the new site soon. But, if your are the type who can smell a deal a mile away and is ready to roll up their sleeves and get started, click here to take advantage of this limited time offer.

In the meantime, we will post some sample videos, activities and skill builders on our blog so that you can get a few sneak previews.

*Based on 25 weeks of chess for 20 students.

Puzzle of the Day ~ April 8, 2016

POD ~ 4/8/2016

Puzzle of the Day ~ April 5, 2016

POD ~ April 5, 2016

MATCH Chess Curriculum Updates

We are so excited.  We just received the first finished copies of the printed versions of our chess curriculum’s Teacher and Student Manuals.  The manuals have been a part of our curriculum in the form of pdfs throughout the testing period, but now they will be available in book format for those who would rather not have to print out copies.

All in the same day, we’ve begun to see first drafts of our new website.  A big thank you to the folks at Jumbula for making it happen.

While we wait for the new site to launch, because we are so thrilled to see it all coming together that want to share the excitement.  So, we will be offering a special deal for those who subscribe ahead of time, so look for details in the next few days.

MATCH Chess Curriculum Manuals

Gary Kasparov vs. IBM’s Deep Blue Portends the Beginning of the End for Humans?

Great piece discussing the level of risk we may face as the capability of artificial intelligence grows – featuring GM Maurice Ashley discussing the historic chess match where Gary Kasparov lost to IBM’s Deep Blue computer and more.


Click the link below to hear GM Ashley’s tips for helping students improve their end game.

Game Tips

Maurice Ashley Endgame Teaching Tips

Articles on why chess should be in schools

Here are two great articles about the chess in schools movement.

The tweets are from Garry Kasparov via this article.  We fully agree.
Screenshot 2015-03-27 08.52.02

Think before you move!

Think before you move

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