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Puzzle of the Day ~ April 20, 2015

POD ~ 4/20/2015

Puzzle of the Day ~ 4/13/2015

POD ~ 4/13/2015

Puzzle of the Day ~ April 6, 2015

POD ~ 4/6/2015

Think before you move!

Think before you move

Puzzle of the Day ~ April 1, 2015

POD ~ 4/1/2015

Book Review: Chess is Child’s Play: Teaching Techniques that Work

We found this great review of the book Chess is Child’s Play: Teaching Techniques that Work, written by Laura Sherman and Bill Kilpatrick and published by Mongoose Press on Father Geek by Cyrus Kirby.

If you are looking for a book to help you teach chess to your kids or other young people, even if you don’t know how to play yourself, you might want to check this book out.  We haven’t personally reviewed this book (yet), but we noted that they break the game down, focusing on one piece at a time, which we find especially helpful when teaching younger children.

Here is the main description of the book, “[the book is] dedicated to helping parents teach Chess to their children. Unlike other Chess instructional publications, this title is useful for both parents who are and who are not familiar with the game. In many respects, I would suggest that a parent who knows nothing about Chess could use this book to both instruct their children and themselves on the game’s rules and play. But perhaps the most interesting aspect of the book is the way that the chapters are structured and the practical exercises in the form of mini-games that are found at the end of each. Instead of jumping right into the rules at a high level and working down to specific game pieces, the book focuses on one game piece at a time. At the end of each chapter, the mini-games use the game pieces introduced to further reinforces the lesson. By the time the reader, teacher, or student is done with the entire book, they have a working understanding of each game piece and can play the game.

Read the entire review here where it describes the book in more detail including pros and cons.  Thank you to Father Geek for letting us share this review.

Puzzle of the Day ~ March 27, 2015

POD ~ 2/27/2015

Articles on why chess should be in schools

Here are two great articles about the chess in schools movement.

The tweets are from Garry Kasparov via this article.  We fully agree.
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Puzzle of the Day ~ March 18, 2015

POD 3/18/2015

Puzzle of the Day ~ March 11, 2015

POD ~ 3/11/2015